Carps & Dreams™ SpiceCrab
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Carps & Dreams™ SpiceCrab
Carps & Dreams™ SpiceCrab

Carps & Dreams™ SpiceCrab

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Carps & Dreams SpiceCrab Boilie

Developed with the same insect protein base as our Insect-ß boilies, our second range is distinguished by a larger particle size and a shorter dissolution time, aiming to optimize rapid catches and offer immediate attraction. To our insect proteins, we have added high-end flavors by reinterpreting the great classics such as Scopex or Monster Crab. Imagine a new generation boilie made from insect flour, enriched with legendary aromas that have caught carp by the millions, and you get the best of both worlds in the same range of bait: Carps & Dreams boilies.

Complementary food for free-ranging fish. To be used as fishing bait only. The product contains category 3 animal by-products from farmed eggs, fish and insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not give to ruminants.

Analysis / Analysis / Analytical constituents:
Crude protein / Ruw eiwit / Crude proteins 17.70% Crude ash / Ruwe as / Crude ash 2.79% Crude fat / Ruw vet / Crude fats 5.24% Crude fiber / Ruwe celstof / Cellulose Crude 2.73% Sodium / Natrium / Sodium 0.60% Moisture / Vocht / Humidity 35.40%

Composition: corn, wheat, insect flour (10%) (black soldier fly), egg powder, monopropylene glycol, soy flour, predigested fish protein powder, hemp, chili pepper, insect pâté (1, 7%) (insects (34%), crustaceans and molluscs (20%), bakery products, honey, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, sugars, minerals), salt, nigella seeds, turmeric, beet powder, sugar. Additives: premix of aromatic substances (giant crab flavor 0.3%, super spice flavor 0.3%).

Carps & Dreams insect boilies, like all our boilies, are ideal for spot fishing with light and regular baiting. The nutritional quality and the use of natural products ensure that the fishing area is never saturated. The boilies diffuse fairly quickly but maintain good hold on the hair for between 5 and 8 hours depending on fishing conditions.

For baiting baits, it is advisable to cut and/or crush the boilies in order to increase their attractiveness. Carps & Dreams boilies can be soaked in our Elixir insect liquids and our AminoStorm booster then coated with our Wrap powder. This will make your priming even more instantaneous.


The insects

The carp is the omnivorous fish par excellence. However, it has a very marked carnivorous tendency and constantly feeds on small invertebrates and insects. It therefore seemed natural to us to exploit this reality and build a range of baits accordingly.

This is why our products contain significant proportions of insects, including black fly meal and premium insect paste, also including gammarus and daphnia.


Predigested fish meal

In order to strengthen the balance and solubility of our Carps & dreams boilies, we have added the best in fish meal: predigested fish meal which is obtained by a hydrolysis process using enzymes.

Almost completely soluble and very rich in amino acids, it optimizes the level of attraction. This flour is formidable in terms of immediacy which allows our boilie to be quickly in action, ideal for fishing for a few hours for example.


Grilled hemp

Carps & Dreams boilies are rich in grilled and crushed hemp. This ultra attractive seed is probably the most efficient for carp fishing.

This choice ingredient increases the particle size of the boilie to give it good rapid diffusion capacity and allow optimal absorption of our Elixir insect liquids and our AminoStorm boosters.


Monster Crab revisited

Carps & Dreams boilies are made with legendary aromas that have captured millions of carp.

To bring you the best of our capacity for innovation, we have revisited the Monster Crab flavor with a note of Mega Spice. Thus the link between ultra-high-performance aromas and the modernity of insect proteins is made.

Frequently asked questions about the product

Carps & Dreams boilies are the result of the combination of legendary, proven aromas that we have revisited using the best fragrances on the market and insect proteins, our signature ingredient. Innovation, modernity and classicism all come together in our Carps & Dreams boilies.

We use the same insect ingredients in all our boilies. In the Carps & Dreams range you will find our signature ingredient around which we have built all of our products.

We wanted to create a bridge between the classicism of aromas and the modernity of insect proteins. Develop boilies that bring together the best of both worlds. Our quest to find quality aromas was long but we were able to revisit legendary aromas like Monster Crab and Scopex to make not a pale copy but an even more subtle and attractive version.

Carps & Dreams boilies fall between our Insect-ß and our neutral insect boilie IF-B. Diffusion is rapid thanks to a large particle size but in stable conditions, you can fish with these boilies for 5/8 hours without difficulty.

At rod oliver, we have built a short but complementary product range. With our Carps & Dreams boilies you can use all of our Elixir insect liquids, our AminoStorm boosters, our BugCloud stick-mix, our neutral IF-B insect boilies, our Lift-it pop-ups and of course our Insect Wrap Coating Powder.
All combinations are possible but we have certain preferences. With Scopex, products from the Insect-ß MapleNuts range are ideal and those from the Insect-ß RedTuna range go wonderfully with SpiceCrab.

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