Insects are our signature ingredient

Two key ingredients common to all our boilies

"After a lengthy and rigorous process, we've chosen a black soldier fly protein, which we complement with the best insect-based birdfood paste available on the market, known for its high insect and small invertebrate content."

Black soldier fly proteins

Our insect flour is actually a concentrated, defatted protein derived from black soldier fly larvae. We discovered this valuable resource in the Netherlands, where it is produced by Protix, an innovative company at the forefront of insect production for animal feed. This flour can easily replace fish meal and offers a more comprehensive nutritional profile thanks to its fully digestible proteins and remarkable range of amino acids.

Birdfood Insect Paste

Our Bird Food Insect is the finest product available in this field. With over 30% insects and 20% small mollusks such as gammarus and daphnia, this product stands out in terms of nutrition. On top of it, the addition of honey, plant protein extracts, oils, fats, and minerals enhances its attractant properties. Finally, various nutritional additives, such as a variety of vitamins and minerals, have been incorporated to enhance its nutritional value.

We are convinced that insects, as the primary ingredient in our boilies, surpass all others in every way

Rich in amino acids

Whether it's our 'Black Fly Soldiers' flour or our Bird Food Insect, both of these ingredients provide an unparalleled richness in amino acids. Amino acids play a crucial role in protein assimilation while enhancing the chemical signals detected by the carp

Protein rich

Insects have a high protein content comparable to that of fish meals. Beyond the substantial quantities, it's the quality of these proteins that plays a crucial role. They are soluble and fully assimilable, making them difficult to match in terms of quality.

Perfect equilibrium

The most important criterion for a boilie remains its attraction capability. However, from a medium-term perspective, nutritional balance plays an essential role in ensuring consistent catches. Our insect-based ingredients perfectly fulfill this function by providing our boilies with an optimal nutritional profile

Nothing is more natural

Carp regularly feed on insects, making our boilies a choice in harmony with their natural feeding habits. This alignment promotes more effective instant attraction. Moreover, by using insect flours, we reduce our reliance on fish meal, contributing to resource conservation and environmental protection

A concept with a great future. The path is open to turning this approach into a new generation of boilies

ROD OLIVER takes the idea of incorporating insects into carp fishing baits to its zenith.

At first contact, it's clear that we're dealing with highly refined baits; carp immediately recognize them as a natural food sourc

Insect-based flours are today what fish meals were in the early 2000s, with the added benefit of a positive ecological impact