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Boilies IF-B
Boilies IF-B

Boilies IF-B

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 Insect Feed Boilie (IF-B)

The IF-B boilie is the result of our constant quest for innovation. Formulated on a solid foundation with our insect proteins, this boilie stands out for its unique character, thanks to a neutral composition and significant particle size that allows customization using our insect liquids, Elixir.

It makes perfect sense both in light spot baiting and in long-term baiting campaigns (ALT), but can also be successfully used as a hookbait, providing instant attraction due to its accelerated dissolution.

Our concept of a neutral insect boilie offers high-quality bait without the risk of saturation, allowing you to use a single boilie for baiting and as a complement to our Insect-ß range. The I-FB boilie absorbs our insect liquids, Elixir, and AminoStorm boosters perfectly, enabling you to customize your fishing down to the smallest detail.


Supplementary feed for freely swimming fish. To be used only as bait for fishing. The product contains category 3 animal by-products from eggs, fish, and farmed insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminants.

Analyse / Analyse / Constituants analytiques:
Crude protein / Ruw eiwit / Protéines brutes 16,58% Crude ash / Ruwe as / Cendres brutes 2,53% Crude fat / Ruw vet / Graisses brutes 4,50%
Crude fiber / Ruwe celstof / Cellulose Brutes 2,28% Sodium / Natrium / Sodium 0,88% Moisture / Vocht / Humidite 35,32%

Composition: corn, wheat, insect meal (10%) (black soldier fly), egg powder, monopropylene glycol, soybean meal, pre-digested fish protein powder, hempseed, salt, black cumin seeds. This product contains no additives or colorants.

Allergy: This product may contain traces of nuts.

Store in a cool and dry place. Approval NL211366. To be used preferably before: 2 years after the manufacturing date.

The IF-B boilies are ideal for baiting to enhance the attractiveness of your fishing spot. The nutritional quality and use of natural ingredients ensure that the fishing area is never saturated. These boilies have a shorter hair rig retention but can be used as hookbaits for quick fishing sessions.

For baiting purposes, it is recommended to cut and/or crush the boilies to increase their attractiveness. The IF-B boilies can be soaked in our insect liquids, Elixir, and our AminoStorm booster, then coated with our Wrap powder. This will make your baiting much more instantaneous. Being neutral by nature, the IF-B can be perfectly customized according to your fishing needs and mood of the day.



The carp is the quintessential omnivorous fish, with a pronounced carnivorous tendency, constantly feeding on small invertebrates and insects. It seemed natural for us to harness this reality and build a bait range around it.

Our IF-B boilie, like all those in the Insect-ß range, contains high proportions of insect proteins.


Pre-digested Fish Meal

To enhance the balance and solubility of the Insect Feed Boilie, we have added the finest pre-digested fish meal, obtained through a hydrolysis process using enzymes. Almost completely soluble and highly rich in amino acids, it optimizes the attraction level. This meal is formidable in terms of immediacy, allowing our boilie to quickly come into action, ideal for short fishing sessions, for example.


Roasted Hempseed

The IF-B boilie is rich in roasted and ground hempseed. This highly attractive seed is arguably the most effective for carp fishing. This premium ingredient enhances the particle size of the boilie, providing excellent solubility and enabling optimal absorption of our insect liquids, Elixir, and AminoStorm boosters.


Our Base Mix

The Insect Feed Boilie is built on an excellent base mix rich in corn, with a flour that remains a benchmark in terms of attractiveness. A good boilie always starts with a carefully crafted base, as seen in our flagship, the Insect-ß range. The IF-B also benefits from our expertise in developing well-constructed and effective recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

Our IF-B boilie is constructed like all others, using our black fly soldiers' proteins in the same proportions. The difference is that this IF-B is neutral, meaning it lacks additional attractants or "marker" flour.

The IF-B boilies have a larger particle size than those in the Insect-ß range, and the base mix is also more airy. This boilie is, therefore, faster in action due to its shorter dissolution time.

Yes, that's even one of the goals of this neutral insect boilie. It absorbs our insect liquids, Elixir, and our AminoStorm booster perfectly. Therefore, you can diversify your fishing tactics by coating it with liquids and adding our Wrap powder.

The IF-B was primarily designed to complement the use of our other boilies. It is ideal for baiting and in a stick. This boilie is perfectly balanced nutritionally with its 15% insect proteins and 5% pre-digested fishmeal, making it a highly qualitative bait. While you can also use it for fishing, it's important to consider its rapid dissolution. Therefore, it is ideal for quick fishing sessions lasting a few hours.

It depends on the location and the season, of course, but the IF-B, available in a 5kg bag, has been developed to enhance the attractiveness of your spot with larger baiting campaigns. Its neutral nature without attractants eliminates the risk of saturation, and its perfect nutritional balance helps to keep carp in your fishing area for extended periods.

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