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Lift-it BloodLiver
Lift-it BloodLiver

Lift-it BloodLiver

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Lift-it BloodLiver

The Lift-it BloodLiver pop-ups allow you to vary your presentations. Used on their own, they will lift your rig and provide a stunning visual.

Rigging in a "snowman" style with an Insect-ß BloodLiver, the hook will be presented slightly above the substrate, a technique whose effectiveness is well-established.

Our pop-ups are manufactured to strict specifications, with buoyancy and attraction being their two main characteristics.

Artificial bait for fishing. Not intended for human or animal consumption; do not feed ruminants. Additives: Premixture of aromatic substances (2% BloodLiver flavor).

Our Lift-it pop-ups are perfect for elevating your rigs for an ideal presentation above the substrate. At 15 mm, they can be assembled in a snowman setup ideally with a dense 20mm boilie, but they will also work with a 24mm one. Their buoyancy will remain intact even after more than 24 hours of fishing.



Our meticulous approach to crafting our baits enables us to offer pop-ups with guaranteed buoyancy that extends well beyond 48 hours of immersion. You can fish with peace of mind, as the presentation of your baits remains optimal.



Color plays a crucial role in the level of attractiveness of carp fishing pop-ups. As with all our products, we have dedicated careful consideration to their design. Today, we offer the three colors that, according to numerous studies, are most likely to pique the interest of carp: pink, yellow, and orange.

To attract even the most cautious carp, we have opted for a "washed-out" effect by selecting pastel shades, which are more effective than fluorescent colors.



We have chosen a universal diameter of 15 mm that can handle all situations. Our pop-ups can, therefore, be presented on their own as floaters or in combination with a dense boilie in a "snowman" style setup.

The exceptional buoyancy of our "Lift-its" allows for balancing much larger baits, such as 20 or 24 mm boilies, for instance.



In addition to color, aromas play a key role in the quality of a pop-up. We have made the decision to use one of the best aromas available on the market for our Lift-it BloodLiver.

Our pop-up is delicately infused with a bloodworm aroma that blends perfectly with the natural, subtle scent of liver in our Insect-ß BloodLiver. This is an original aroma that consistently impressed us during our testing.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

The buoyancy of our pop-ups is our primary quality criterion. They will stay afloat for more than 24 hours without any issues. So, you can fish with confidence!

The color of pop-ups plays a crucial role in their attractiveness. Drawing from our extensive experience, we've chosen three colors that we consider the most effective: yellow, orange, and pink. We've opted for pastel or washed-out colors as we find them to be significantly more effective than fluorescent ones. Additionally, by offering these three colors, we enable carp anglers to adapt to various conditions because sometimes what works one day may not work the next.

Absolutely, our 15mm pop-ups are highly effective and can create a balanced presentation even with denser 24mm or even 28mm boilies.

Of course, in certain situations, especially when fishing in an area with a thick bed of algae, it can be advantageous to position the hook several centimeters above the bottom. In such circumstances, our buoyant Lift-it boilies will prove to be particularly effective.

Indeed, in certain situations, it can be clever to opt for a distinct-flavored pop-up. Fishing is not an exact science, and it's often surprising how a small detail, a seemingly minor change, can truly influence the outcome of a fishing session that appeared to be going poorly! Feel free to experiment and vary your strategies to maximize your chances of success.

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