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Insect: our signature ingredient

The carp is the omnivorous fish par excellence. However, it has a very marked carnivorous tendency and constantly feeds on small invertebrates and insects. It therefore seemed natural to us to exploit this reality and build a range of baits accordingly.

This is why our products contain significant proportions of insects, including black fly meal and premium insect paste, also including gammarus and daphnia.

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A range of carp fishing bait would not be complete without an excellent Stick-mix. We have developed a recipe that surprises us day by day. Obviously rich in insects and small invertebrates like all our products, the BugCloud Stick-mix provides an effervescent cloud of extremely attractive particles. For spot fishing and quick fishing, the BugCloud Stick-mix will naturally be part of your arsenal for successful fishing.

Our stick-mix has been designed to work with all boilies in the Insect-ß range. To fit it perfectly, simply wet it lightly with the Elixir insect liquid of your choice.



With our Wrap, you can reinforce the attraction of your baiting and baiting boilies by creating a “coating” to stimulate the carp's appetite instantly.

Our Wrap Coating Powder is an additional tool to help you catch more carp. Based on proteins and soluble amino acids, Wrap is formidable in all seasons, in many situations and in particular in ponds and gravel pits.

Enriched with insects and liver powder, our Insect-ß Wrap coupled with our Elixir and AminoStorm will make your bait an unmissable area for carp.