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Wrap Insect-ß

With our Wrap, you can enhance the attraction of your bait and hook baits by creating a coating to instantly stimulate carp appetite.

Our Wrap coating powder is an additional tool to help you catch more carp. Made from soluble proteins and amino acids, Wrap is effective in all seasons, in various situations, and especially in lakes and gravel pits.

Enriched with insects and liver powder, our Insect-ß Wrap, combined with our Elixir and AminoStorm, will make your baited area irresistible to carp.

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Analyse / Analyse / Bestandsteilanalyse /Constituants analytiques: Crude protein /Ruw eiwit / Rohprotein / Protéines brutes 43,34% - Crude ash / Ruwe as / Rohasche /Cendres brutes 7,69% - Crude fat / Ruw vet / Roh fett / Graisses brutes 7,97% - Crude fiber / Ruwe celstof / Rohfaser / Cellulose Brutes 2,52% - Sodium / Natrium / Natrium / Sodium 0,29% - Moisture / Vocht Feuchtigkeit / Humidite 9,14%

Complementary feed for fish. Use only as an additive to enhance the attractiveness of fish bait. This product contains Category 3 animal by-products from farmed fish, poultry, and insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminants. Composition: spray-dried fish protein, spray-dried chicken liver powder, 30% insect pâté (34% insects, 20% crustaceans and mollusks, bakery products, honey, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, sugars, minerals), soy flour, lupine flour.

Store in a cool, dry place. Best before: 2 years after the manufacturing date. Made in the Netherlands NL211366.

Wrap can be used in various ways: firstly, it is a coating powder. After coating your boilies with our insect elixir liquid, you can sprinkle Wrap on your mixture to create an attractive coating. You can also use our coating powder to enhance your stick mixes (at a rate of 10-15%) and in your boilies recipes (10% of the dry mix).



We have selected the best product available on the market, containing more than 50% insects and invertebrates such as daphnia and gammarus. This insect paste, enriched with vitamins and minerals, is made on a base of biscuits, honey, and vegetable proteins. It provides an interesting granulometry for coating; once immersed, it will release numerous insect particles around your rig, inevitably attracting carp.


Liver Powder

In our Wrap, we have included a significant proportion of liver powder. This versatile ingredient is a must for coating because it creates a food stimulus easily detected by carp. Our extract is pure, highly soluble, and provides our coating powder with a strong marker, allowing you to create a precise attraction zone.


Predigested Fishmeal

Predigested fishmeal is present in our Wrap coating powders. We have chosen this key ingredient because of its high solubility, which makes it perfect for successful coating. Fish are naturally drawn to the many amino acids found in this meal, and we cannot emphasize enough that these amino acids are the central element in carp's food detection.


Food wrap

To safeguard our coating powder, it is protected by an inviolable metallic film. Therefore, upon opening the container, you can be certain that Wrap has been stored under optimal conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

Our Wrap is a cleverly designed coating powder made from high-quality soluble attractants. By using our Wrap, you'll be able to create custom coatings and a crust around your boilies, promoting a continuous release of attractants and flavors.

Of course, our concept was to create a single coating powder that can adapt to all our boilies. By moistening your boilies with our Elixir insect liquids and/or our AminoStorm boosters, you have the possibility to customize and adapt the coating according to the boilies you are using. Moreover, you can certainly use the Wrap to coat any other boilies available on the market or that you have prepared yourself. This will give them an "insect" touch that can only make them even more attractive.

Indeed, the addition of boosters and coating can enhance the attraction of any boilie in all fishing situations. However, we believe this technique is especially beneficial during calm water or low current fishing, as well as spot fishing. In winter, it quickly becomes essential to stimulate the activity of carp, which is reduced during this period.

It depends on how thick of a coating you want to achieve. The thicker the coating, the more product you will need. However, the required quantity is still quite modest. Approximately 400g is sufficient to coat more than 20 kg of 20 mm boilies.

Absolutely, you can incorporate Wrap into your stick-mix or even use it directly in a PVA stick. Wrap is a highly soluble attractant concentrate that creates a halo of food signals around your rig. Additionally, when making your own boilies, you can also add 50 to 100 grams of Wrap to your mixes to enhance their attractiveness.

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