Insect-ß™ MapleNuts
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Insect-ß™ MapleNuts
Insect-ß™ MapleNuts

Insect-ß™ MapleNuts

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Insect-ß MapleNuts

Introducing the ultimate solution to elevate your fishing game – the Insect-ß boilie range is a true game-changer in the world of carp baits. Designed to tackle even the most challenging fishing scenarios, this range is not just your ordinary bait. What sets these boilies apart are their ingenious components built around our signature ingredient: the insects.

The MapleNuts boilie is a subtle, sweet, creamy equilibrium between the tigernuts meal, an ingredient that withstands the test of time, and our cutting-edge insect protein. This blend transforms our bait into a versatile and adaptable solution, perfectly balanced between attraction and nutrition, ensuring consistent and remarkable results across a diverse range of water conditions.

Supplementary animal feed for free-swimming fish. For use as Fishbait only. Product contains Category 3 animal by-products from egg, fish and farmed insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminants.

Analysis: Crude Protein 16.56%, Crude Ash 2.10%, Crude Fat 5.13%, Crude Fiber 2.39%, Sodium 0.14%, Moisture 34.11%.

Composition: Corn, wheat, tiger nut, insect meal (black soldier fly), egg powder, monopropylene glycol, insect paste (insects 34%, crustaceans and mollusks 20%, bakery products, honey, vegetable protein extracts, oils and fats, sugars, minerals), soybean meal, macerated corn liquid, milk powder, yeast products (brocacel). Additives: Prepared flavor blend (vanilla milk flavor (1%), maple flavor (0.6%), n-butyric acid (0.1%)).

Allergy: This product contains nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place. Approval NL211366. Best used before: 2 years after the manufacturing date.

The Insect-ß boilies are ideal for spot fishing with light and regular baiting. The nutritional quality and use of natural products ensure that the fishing area is never over-saturated. The boilies have good hair rig retention for 12 to 24 hours, depending on fishing conditions.

For baiting, it is advisable to cut and/or crush the boilies to enhance their attractiveness. Insect-ß boilies can be soaked in our insect liquids, Elixir, and our AminoStorm booster, then coated with our Wrap powder. This will make your baiting much more instantaneous.

Pairs well with

Nutrition - Attraction - Diffusion

Nutrition insect protein
tigernut meal
Attraction corn steep liquor (csl)
vanilla milk flavor
maple flavor
n-butyric acid
Diffusion insect birdfood
milk powder

Our range is built on the N.A.D. principle. Each ingredient plays a key role contributing to a subtle balance to make the boilie particularly effective no matter your fishing style. To enhance attractiveness, strengthen your spot, and vary fishing tactics, each recipe is complemented by pop-ups and various booster.

"What matters is inside"


The insects

The carp is the omnivorous fish par excellence, however it has a very marked carnivorous tendency and constantly feeds on small invertebrates and insects.

It therefore seemed natural to us to exploit this reality and build a range of bait around it.

Our BloodLiver boilie, like all those in the Insect-ß range, contains high proportions of insects in two forms:

1) a “black fly soldier” insect flour or called “black fly” which has been degreased in order to provide all its benefits without the lipid content disrupting diffusion in the water. This flour largely replaces fish meal by providing an even better and more digestible nutritional and amino acid profile. In addition, replacing part of the fish meal with insect meal is a positive point for our environment and the protection of marine resources.

2) the best insect birdfood on the market with more than 50% insects and invertebrates such as daphnes and gammarus. This insect paste enriched with vitamins and minerals is made from biscuits, honey and vegetable proteins. Very rich in nutrients, it not only offers instant attraction but also exceptional nutritional balance.


Tiger Nut Flour

Tiger nut flour is a trusted ingredient in making boilies. This flour is simply obtained by grinding the fruit and undergoes no other processing. A top-notch ingredient, it is rich in starch, fiber, and carbohydrates. It provides the energy needs of fish, and with its creamy and sweet taste, it imparts a very appreciated gentle note to bait for car


Vanilla Extract and Maple Flavor

Our vanilla extract brings a biscuity aroma and a subtle taste. This spice is a well-known ingredient among match anglers but is less frequently used by carp anglers, even though it is highly attractive. Our Insect-ß MapleNuts boilies are the only ones in the range to which we've added a flavor. We wanted to enhance the already present creamy aspect with tiger nut flour and our vanilla extract. We selected an excellent Maple flavor that adds the perfect finishing touch to this already successful boilie.



Liquids play a crucial role as ingredients in the production of MapleNuts boilies. They enhance the nutritional profile and boost the diffusion due to their solubility, which is why we incorporate them extensively into our recipes. For this particular bait, we have selected two different liquids: corn steep liquor (CSL) and n-butyric acid. The latter is present in each of the boilies in our insect-ß range; it is highly attractive to carp and also helps you stand out from other carp anglers at your fishing spots.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

Our boilies have been specially formulated to ensure their effectiveness throughout the year. From a nutritional perspective, our recipes are well-balanced, and their high content of insect proteins makes them easily digestible, even in cold waters. We simply recommend adjusting the bait quantity based on the water temperature. However, our tests have shown that MapleNuts performs exceptionally well in both summer and winter, thanks to its lovely creamy note.

Our boilies represent a carefully studied balance between the attractants' diffusion capacity and their resistance to water and pests. According to our tests, in calm conditions, the boilies stay securely in place on the rig for over 24 hours. In the presence of strong currents or pests, you can fish with confidence for more than 12 hours without any risk.

Our MapleNuts, like the entire Insect-ß range, is characterized by a slightly oily, soft texture, similar to high-quality English boilies. Its appearance accurately represents the ingredients it contains. Its natural color is a dark ochre yellow, and it is also distinguished by a noticeable granularity due to our insect-based birdfood.

All our products are positioned as premium offerings. Our commitment lies in exclusively focusing on the creation of high-quality boilies. Whether it's in terms of recipes or ingredients, our boilies, including MapleNuts, rank among the most effective creamy baits for carp fishing.

It's essential to keep in mind that it's always easier to add boilies to your baiting strategy than to remove them. At rod oliver, we are not proponents of excessive baiting. We believe that a targeted and thoughtful approach is generally the most effective tactic in most fishing situations. We recommend using a small quantity of high-quality baits, complemented by additional products like stick-mix. This strategy is both common and highly effective.

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