Insect-ß™ BloodLiver
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Insect: our signature ingredient

The carp is the quintessential omnivorous fish. However, it exhibits a pronounced carnivorous tendency and constantly feeds on small invertebrates and insects. It seemed natural to us to leverage this fact and construct a range of baits accordingly. That's why our products contain significant proportions of insects, including black fly meal and a premium insect paste, which also includes gammarus and daphnia.

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Insect-ß BloodLiver

Our range of Insect-ß boilies is truly a game-changer in the carp fishing domain, embodying the essence of innovation. More than just a simple boilie, it is an invitation to discover a new generation of baits. Picture a meticulously crafted boilie centered around our signature ingredient: insects, achieving the perfect balance between nutrition and attraction.


Lift-it BloodLiver

The Lift-it BloodLiver pop-ups allow you to vary your presentations. Used on their own, they will lift your rig and provide a stunning visual.

Rigging in a "snowman" style with an Insect-ß BloodLiver, the hook will be presented slightly above the substrate, a technique whose effectiveness is well-established.

Our pop-ups are manufactured to strict specifications, with buoyancy and attraction being their two main characteristics.


Elixir BloodLiver

Introducing our BloodLiver Elixir, a concentrated blend of active food signals that instantly transforms your baiting into an irresistible attraction for carp. Elixir, a unique booster in the attractant market, is crafted from a mixture of natural liquids, amino acids, insects, and whole invertebrates. Our BloodLiver Elixir is particularly rich in aminol, liver extract, and bloodworm liquid. It complements the Insect-ß BloodLiver boilie perfectly by enhancing its attractiveness.


AminoStorm BloodLiver

Our booster creates a veritable storm of amino acids in close proximity to your rig, providing instant attraction. Amino acids are undoubtedly the biological signature that a feeding carp recognizes most easily. Building on this understanding, we've developed a booster enriched with aminol, which acts as a true carp magnet. We've also added fluorescein to enhance the visual aspect, which often can unlock a challenging fishing situation.