Introducing Our Elixir™ Insect Liquid Range


Elixir™ represents a range of highly sophisticated boosters designed to enhance the attractiveness of your boilies and baits for carp fishing. At rod oliver, we are passionate advocates of liquids, especially natural ones, which we firmly believe provide a significant advantage in all fishing scenarios.

Table of content

1. Introduction

2. The Use of Boosters in Carp Fishing

3. Introducing Our Insect-Based Elixir Liquid

3.1. The Common Base for Our Three Elixir Liquids

3.1.1. Trimoline

3.1.2. Aminol

3.2. Insects: Our Signature Ingredient Making This Liquid Truly Unique

3.3. Our Complementary Ingredients:

3.3.1. Elixir BloodLiver Liquid Chicken Liver Extract Bloodworm Extract

3.3.2. Elixir MapleNuts Corn Steep Liquor Maple Nut Flavor

3.3.3. Elixir RedTuna Liquid Tuna Extract Liquid Robin Red

4. How to Use Our Liquid Insect Booster, Elixir

4.1 Simple Soaking Application

4.2 Coating Application

4.3 Wetting and Strengthening a Stick Mix

5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Innovation holds a central place not only in our values but also within our research and development efforts for each of our products. Much like how we developed our Insect-ß boilies range, we invested numerous months of work to create an absolutely unique liquid booster enriched with insects. It goes by the name Elixir™ and comes in three versions designed to harmonize perfectly with our various boilie formulas.

Our objective was to meet the needs of a wide range of carp anglers by crafting a versatile booster suitable for multiple applications. Today, we are delighted to announce that our mission is accomplished, and we take pride in introducing Elixir.

2. The Use of Boosters in Carp Fishing

Before delving into the heart of the matter, it's important to set the context for the use of boosters in carp fishing. Enhancing bait attraction lies at the core of booster utilization. Whether you're using boilies, pellets, stick mixes, or seeds, incorporating these products can significantly enhance your results.

Boosters, in their most general sense, have a history as long as carp fishing itself. Experienced anglers have long understood the advantage of improving their baits by soaking them in various liquids. Memorable catches have been made simply by dipping maggots in anise or honey, long before the era of modern carp fishing.

While the concept of enhancing baits is not new, modern carp fishing has taken this technique to new heights. Since the 1990s, the market for boosters specially designed for this purpose has exploded, offering anglers nearly endless choices.

They are primarily, though not exclusively, in liquid form, and their use can improve both baits and groundbaits. Carp fishing is known to be one of the most technical and demanding pursuits. Capturing these cunning fish requires a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to achieve consistent results.

While the use of baits alone can suffice on certain occasions, the addition of liquids and other specially designed boosters can significantly increase your chances of success. When of high quality and used judiciously, these products have the potential to transform your fishing session into an exceptional experience.

3. Introducing Our Insect-Based Elixir Liquid

Our Elixir liquid booster comes in three versions, allowing them to be distinguished and tailored to each of our boilies. All our Elixirs are developed on a very solid common base that provides structure and a profile rich in amino acids and sugar.

3.1. The Common Base for Our Three Elixir Liquids

Our Elixir liquids share the following common ingredients in their structure:

3.1.1. Trimoline

Also known as inverted glucose syrup, trimoline stands out as a particularly fascinating ingredient, capable of acting as a booster on its own. This sweet syrup, of natural origin, is characterized by its exceptional viscosity and dissolving capacity. It primarily consists of glucose and fructose, resulting from the enzymatic hydrolysis of sucrose.

The unique characteristics of trimoline include its rapid dissolution and dispersion, creating a sweet and fragrant halo around your baits, making it an ideal ingredient for an effective booster. It's worth noting that the fructose found in trimoline is a natural element commonly found in many aquatic organisms consumed by carp. Furthermore, trimoline distinguishes itself through its stability, retaining its attractive power over an extended period.

3.1.2. Aminol

When formulating our base composition, our goal was to create a diverse and highly effective amino acid structure. This approach is supported by extensive research and studies from the field of pisciculture, which have highlighted the crucial importance of amino acids in nutritional balance and protein absorption. Moreover, it is now established that amino acids serve as chemical signals that carp detect to locate their food source.

With this in mind, we chose to incorporate an exceptional natural ingredient: fish hydrolysate, commonly known as Aminol, into our base recipe. This decision aims to enrich our bait with essential nutrients naturally, providing an optimal solution to attract and captivate carp.

3.2. Insects: Our Signature Ingredient Making This Liquid Truly Unique

Our Elixir liquids stand out for their richness in insects and invertebrates, notably gammarus and daphnia. This exceptional booster is the result of our commitment to incorporating high-quality elements. To achieve this, we've included our insect mash, a source rich in amino acids, high-quality proteins, essential fats, as well as vitamins and minerals.

What truly sets our liquid apart is not only the presence of these small insects and crustaceans but also their significant contribution to enriching the liquid. They serve not only as a means to moisten a stick mix but also provide essential nutrients to the liquid while imparting a distinctive taste that sets our booster apart.

By incorporating these insects not only into our boilies but also into our boosters, we provide seasoned carp anglers with the opportunity to stand out significantly from other anglers. This allows them to maintain a competitive edge and have confidence in high-performance baits that make a difference on the field. A winning combination for carp fishing enthusiasts seeking exceptional results.

3.3. Our Complementary Ingredients

Each of our Elixirs has been specially designed to perfectly complement our various ranges of boilies, ensuring optimal harmony. You also have the freedom to use them across the board to diversify your baiting approach.

3.3.1. Elixir BloodLiver

In addition to its base formula and insect mash, you will find the two hallmark ingredients of the BloodLiver boilie. Liquid Chicken Liver Extract

Liquid chicken liver hydrolysate is a highly concentrated extract of chicken liver. It is obtained through an enzymatic hydrolysis process that breaks down the liver's proteins into smaller peptides, making them more easily assimilable by fish, especially carp.

The production process of liquid chicken liver hydrolysate begins with the selection of high-quality chicken livers. These livers are then cleaned, cooked, and transformed into a paste. This paste undergoes enzymatic hydrolysis, where specific enzymes are added to break the protein bonds. The result is a liquid rich in peptides, amino acids, nutrients, and flavors from chicken liver.

Liquid chicken liver hydrolysate is a true magnet for carp. Its high concentration of amino acids and peptides emits a powerful olfactory and gustatory signal that irresistibly attracts fish. Carp can quickly absorb the essential nutrients contained in the liquid chicken liver hydrolysate, meaning they rapidly benefit from the nutrients needed to increase their appetite and feeding activity. Moreover, the taste of chicken liver is favored by carp, encouraging them to confidently take your bait. This can be particularly useful for wary fish.

Liquid chicken liver hydrolysate is an exceptional ingredient that gives our liquid booster a clear advantage in terms of attraction and nutrition for carp fishing. Its ability to stimulate carp's appetite makes this liquid ingredient a valuable ally in formulating our Elixir liquids. Bloodworm Extract

Bloodworm extract is a highly concentrated liquid extract of chironomid larvae, commonly known as bloodworms. These small, often red mosquito larvae are a preferred delicacy for carp. The extract is obtained through an enzymatic hydrolysis process that breaks down the larvae's proteins into smaller peptides, making them more digestible.

Bloodworms are a natural food source for carp in their environment, and that's what makes this ingredient an essential component of our Elixir BloodLiver.

3.3.2. Elixir MapleNuts Corn Steep Liquor

For this recipe, the key ingredient added to the base of Elixir is Corn Steep Liquor (CSL), also known as fermented corn liquor. This star ingredient in carp fishing is a pure concentrate of nutrients and highly effective amino acids. It has often been emphasized that at rod oliver, we would choose CSL if we had to pick just one natural liquid. Its relevance dates back, and it would have been inconceivable not to include it in one of our formulas.

CSL is a concentrated liquid derived from the maize steeping process. It is a by-product of corn starch production and stands out for its rich composition of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and organic acids.

The production of CSL begins with soaking maize in hot water. This process releases the essential nutrients present in the corn. Subsequently, the resulting liquid is extracted, concentrated, and dried to obtain Corn Steep Liquor. This liquid is characterized by its high content of nutritious compounds.

The benefits of Corn Steep Liquor (CSL) in our Elixir MapleNuts liquid are exceptional attractiveness and optimal digestibility. CSL is naturally rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, making it a powerful attractant for carp. Its subtle and natural aroma is irresistible to these fish. Carp quickly assimilate the nutrients found in CSL, stimulating their appetite and feeding activity. Maple Nut Flavor

In line with the MapleNuts boilie, we've incorporated our subtle Maple flavor into this Elixir liquid to give it the creamy touch that we appreciate in our boilie. Carp anglers who enjoy sweet and creamy scents will find in this booster everything they need to meet their strictest requirements.

3.3.3. Elixir RedTuna

The RedTuna boilie is the result of a blend of insects, tuna, and Robin Red®, and the same applies to our Elixir. You will find the same hallmark ingredients in liquid form. Liquid Tuna Extract

Liquid tuna extract is a highly concentrated essence obtained from tuna, a marine fish widely appreciated for its flavor and nutritional value. This extract is known for its powerful and irresistible aroma that captivates carp's attention.

The production of liquid tuna extract begins with the selection of the highest-quality tuna. The fish is carefully processed to extract the flavors and essential nutrients. The result is an intensely fragrant liquid that captures the richness of the ocean.

Liquid tuna extract is an olfactory temptation for carp. Its natural scent evokes the fish's food sources. Carp quickly assimilate the nutrients contained in the tuna extract, stimulating their appetite and feeding activity. This translates perfectly into a feeding frenzy.

Liquid tuna extract is a precious ingredient that gives our booster a marine and irresistible note for carp fishing. Its ability to stimulate carp's appetite and encourage them to feed makes it an essential ally for carp anglers looking for exceptional results by the water's edge. Liquid Robin Red

For our Elixir RedTuna, it was unthinkable not to include the star ingredient of the carp fishing scene: Robin Red. Integrated in liquid form, it brings a multitude of attractive elements, such as capsicum, betaine-rich beet extract, sucrose, vegetable oils, and maltodextrin. Its subtle spiciness adds a distinctive touch to our booster.

4. How to Use Our Liquid Insect Booster, Elixir

When we began working on this product, we set strict specifications that would allow us to create a versatile booster that carp anglers could use in various configurations. By blending different hallmark ingredients with a common base, we succeeded in creating a consistent booster for each of our boilies while maintaining a common thread around insects, amino acids (aminol), and sweeteners (trimoline).

Carp anglers can use Elixir in different situations and based on their fishing and baiting tactics. We can list a few here, but we are certain that experienced anglers will discover more!

4.1 Simple Soaking Application

Our Elixir has the ideal composition to be used as a simple soaking (DIP) for your hook baits. Simply coat your baits with the liquid and allow boilies, for example, to absorb the nutrients and attractants it contains.

We strongly recommend doing this at least 24 hours in advance. Applying the product just minutes before casting your line will dilute its effectiveness, both literally and figuratively, upon contact with water. This precaution applies to all boosters available on the market, including ours.

However, by giving your boilies enough time to absorb the liquid, Elixir's premium composition will yield excellent results in all fishing conditions. There is no set soaking duration, but 24 hours is the minimum. The longer you extend this time, the more effective it will be. The goal is to add liquid until the boilies can no longer absorb it. By doing so, you ensure that your boilies are saturated and in their optimal state.

4.2 Coating Application

Coating, especially that of boilies, is undoubtedly one of the most effective techniques in carp fishing. Our Elixir liquid has been specially formulated for highly effective coatings.

The coating technique, or bait covering, is relatively simple to implement but requires some effort. To achieve a perfect coating, it is highly recommended to use Elixir in conjunction with our Wrap™ coating powder. These two products were developed together for perfect compatibility. However, you can also use Elixir with other flours or attractants, such as pre-digested fishmeal, Robin Red, spices, etc.

Here are the steps to successfully coat your boilies:

  1. Place the boilies in a wide container or bucket if you want to coat large quantities.
  2. Pour Elixir liquid (in small quantities, adding as needed) over your boilies and mix until all the boilies are evenly coated with the liquid. Ensure there is no liquid pooling at the bottom of the container; the boilies should only be coated.
  3. Allow them to rest and dry for 15 to 30 minutes.
  4. Sprinkle a moderate amount of our Wrap coating powder or other flours, then shake all the boilies well.
  5. Let them dry for a few hours.
  6. Repeat the process at least once.

The more you repeat these steps, the thicker your coating will be, and it will release its additives and nutrients for an extended period in the water. However, with a very thick coating, the boilie will take longer to release its attractants and nutrients.

Many carp anglers limit the coating of their boilies to hair-rigged ones. In our opinion, there is no reason to restrict yourself in this way. Extending this technique to at least "PVA baits" is a minimum, and applying it to your proximity baiting will give this method its full meaning.

While boilies are the preferred bait for this fishing tactic, there is nothing preventing you from applying it to seeds in general, especially larger ones.

4.3 Wetting and Strengthening a Stick Mix

Elixir is particularly effective for lightly moistening your groundbaits and stick mixes. You can use it with any groundbait of your choice, but at rod oliver, we offer a stick mix specifically designed to work in perfect synergy with our three Elixir varieties and the Insect-ß range of boilies. Our BugCloud™ stick mix, also rich in insects, can be customized based on the Elixir version you choose.

Our liquid boosters are PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) compatible and will enrich your stick mixes optimally. It is recommended to prepare your groundbait the night before without placing it in your PVAs so that you can mix it again before making your sticks, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

5. Conclusion

Innovation is at the core of our approach at Rod Oliver, and it is reflected in the creation of our liquid booster, Elixir. Designed to meet the diverse needs of carp anglers, Elixir is a versatile range that seamlessly complements our boilies and offers a multitude of applications.

We have taken great care to develop a solid common base for our Elixirs, consisting of trimoline, aminol, and sweeteners, ensuring a structure rich in amino acids and sugars. The integration of insects and invertebrates, such as gammarus and daphnia, along with our insect pâté, gives Elixir a unique character. Not only do insects enrich the liquid with essential nutrients, but they also impart a distinctive taste that sets it apart from other boosters on the market.

Each of the three versions of Elixir, BloodLiver, MapleNuts, and RedTuna, is specially designed to complement our corresponding boilies ranges, ensuring a perfect harmony. However, you have the freedom to use them across the board to diversify your baiting strategies.

The use of our Elixir is varied, whether as a simple soak for your baits, as a coating for boilies, or to wet and enhance a stick mix. The possibilities are numerous, and each carp angler can adapt Elixir to their own fishing strategy.

We are confident that our liquid booster, Elixir, opens up new perspectives in the field of carp fishing. Its effectiveness, carefully crafted composition, and high-quality ingredients make it a valuable asset for anglers seeking exceptional results by the water's edge.

At rod oliver, we are proud to introduce Elixir, a liquid that embodies our commitment to innovation and quality in carp fishing.

Tight lines !

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