Insect-ß™ MapleNuts
In insect carps trust

Insects: our signature ingredient

The carp is the quintessential omnivorous fish. However, it exhibits a pronounced carnivorous tendency and constantly feeds on small invertebrates and insects. It seemed natural to us to leverage this fact and construct a range of baits accordingly. That's why our products contain significant proportions of insects, including black fly meal and a premium insect paste, which also includes gammarus and daphnia.

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Insect-ß MapleNuts

Our Insect-ß boilie range is truly a 'game changer' in the carp fishing industry, embodying the essence of innovation. More than just a boilie, it is an invitation to explore a new generation of baits. Imagine a meticulously crafted boilie centered around our signature ingredient: insects, achieving the perfect balance between nutrition and attraction.


Lift-it MapleNuts

The Lift-it MapleNuts pop-ups allow you to vary your presentations. Used on their own, they will lift your rig and provide a stunning visual.

Rigging in a "snowman" style with an Insect-ß MapleNuts, the hook will be presented slightly above the substrate, a technique whose effectiveness is well-established.

Our pop-ups are manufactured to strict specifications, with buoyancy and attraction being their two main characteristics.


MapleNuts Elixir

The Elixir, a unique booster in the attractant market, is based on a blend of natural liquids, amino acids, insects, and whole invertebrates. This carefully crafted mixture combines several essential elements to attract carp.

Our MapleNuts Elixir is particularly rich in fermented maize liquor (CSL) and peanut extract. It complements the Insect-ß MapleNuts boilie perfectly by enhancing its attractiveness, whether used as a simple glaze or even more effectively with our Wrap™ coating powder.


AminoStorm MapleNuts

Our booster creates a true storm of amino acids in close proximity to your rig for instant attraction. Amino acids are the biological signature that carp recognize most readily and are the relevant signal in their search for food.

Recognizing this, we've developed a booster enriched with aminol, which acts as a real carp magnet. We've also added fluorescein to enhance the visual aspect, which can often tip the scales in your favor during a challenging fishing session.