Elixir™ MapleNuts
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Elixir™ MapleNuts
Elixir™ MapleNuts

Elixir™ MapleNuts

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Elixir MapleNuts

A concentrated blend of active food signals upon immersion that enhances the attractiveness of your baiting.

Elixir, a unique booster in the attractant market, is based on a blend of natural liquids, amino acids, insects, and whole invertebrates.

Our MapleNuts Elixir is rich in fermented maize liquor (CSL) and peanut extract, complementing the Insect-ß MapleNuts boilie perfectly by enhancing its attractiveness, whether used as a simple glaze or even more effectively as a coating with our Wrap™ coating powder.

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Analyse / Analyse / Bestandsteilanalyse / Constituants analytiques: Crude protein / Ruw eiwit / Rohprotein / Protéines brutes 12,09% Crude ash / Ruwe as / Rohasche / Cendres brutes 1,59% Crude fat / Ruw vet / Roh fett / Graisses brutes 0,46% Crude fiber / Ruwe celstof / Rohfaser / Cellulose Brutes 4,20% Sodium / Natrium / Natrium / Sodium 0,17%. Moisture / Vocht / Feuchtigkeit / Humidite 23,90%.

Complementary feed for fish. To be used solely as bait for fishing. This product contains category 3 animal by-products from fish and farmed insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminants.

Composition: Fermented corn liquor, glycerin, inverted sugar, hydrolyzed fish protein, 8% insect paste (insects 34%, crustaceans and mollusks 20%, bakery products, honey, plant protein extracts, oils and fats, sugars, minerals). Additives: Premixture of aromatic substances (1% maple flavor).

Allergy: may contain nuts. Keep cool and dry. Preferably use before: 2 years after the manufacturing date. Made in the Netherlands NL211366.

Our insect-based Elixir liquids are true Swiss army knives among the boosters used in carp fishing.

They can be employed in various ways, whether as a soaking liquid, dip, or to moisten stick mixes. We aimed to create a versatile and effective product that caters to many applications. Thus, there's no need to clutter yourself with multiple boosters; one is sufficient for various situations.

Elixir is also used for coatings with our special Wrap powder. It is entirely possible to use our insect liquid when making your own boilies (50/100 ml per kg of dry mix).


The insects

We've chosen the best product available on the market, containing over 50% insects and invertebrates such as daphnia and gammarus. This insect paste, enriched with vitamins and minerals, is crafted on a foundation of biscuits, honey, and plant proteins.

Abundant in nutrients, it not only provides instant attraction but also exceptional nutritional balance.



Aminol, derived from marine extracts, is a concentrate of fully soluble amino acids and proteins. Abundant in essential omega-3 fatty acids, it is highly digestible.

Aminol has an immediate effect and acts as a powerful appetite stimulant; it's a genuine carp magnet found in all our Elixir liquids.


Fermented Maize Liquor (CSL)

One of the oldest and finest liquids in the carp fishing realm. Incredibly attractive, fermented maize liquor has contributed to the capture of countless carp.

Our CSL is highly soluble and provides our Elixir booster with a potent marker. Fermented maize emits a sweet aroma and is rich in amino acids, giving it instant appeal in all types of waters.


Peanut extract

Denser than CSL, this extract adds a gradual action to our Elixir and complements the underwater functioning mechanism. Peanut is one of the most addictive baits for carp; once conditioned, they can't resist it. Abundant in proteins, peanut liquid is a "creamy" and sweet ingredient that carp immediately favor.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

The Elixir truly stands out with various unique aspects. Firstly, it sets itself apart with its enrichment in insects, distinguishing it from all other available boosters on the market. Additionally, its composition includes a variety of natural liquids, each contributing its own unique qualities and characteristics.

Each of our Elixirs in the range has been carefully crafted to perfectly complement our various bait recipes. The MapleNuts Elixir proves to be the ideal choice to optimally enhance our Insect-ß MapleNuts boilies. However, it can also be used with our other baits or any other baits (boilies and seeds) available in the market, allowing you to surprise even the most cautious carp by creating a unique combination.

Our insect-based Elixir liquids are like Swiss army knives among the carp fishing boosters. They can be used in various ways, whether as a soaking liquid, dip, or to moisten stick mixes. We aimed to create a versatile and effective product that serves many purposes. Therefore, there's no need to clutter yourself with multiple boosters; one is enough to serve you in numerous situations.

Certainly, if you are passionate about making your own boilies, you can incorporate Elixir MapleNuts into your sweet and creamy recipes, especially if you have added tiger nut or peanut flour. Being a natural liquid, Elixir carries no risk of overdosing. We recommend a quantity of 50 to 100 ml per kg of dry mix, depending on the consistency and whether or not you are using liquid eggs.

Absolutely, you can confidently use MapleNuts Elixir without the risk of dissolving your PVA sticks or bags. In fact, it proves to be extremely effective in enhancing the attractiveness of your baiting area nearby, making it a perfect match for use with PVA products.

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