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A range of carp fishing baits wouldn't be complete without an excellent Stick-mix. We've developed a recipe that continues to surprise us every day. Naturally rich in insects and small invertebrates like all our products, BugCloud Stick-mix brings an effervescent cloud of highly attractive particles. For spot fishing and quick sessions, BugCloud Stick-mix will naturally be part of your arsenal for successful fishing.

Our stick-mix has been designed to work with all Insect-ß range boilies. To adapt it perfectly, simply moisten it lightly with your choice of Elixir insect liquid.

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Analyse / Analyse / Bestandsteilanalyse / Constituants analytiques:

Crude protein / Ruw eiwit / Rohprotein / Protéines brutes 13,98% Crude ash / Ruwe as / Rohasche / Cendres brutes 4,11% Crude fat / Ruw vet / Roh fett / Graisses brutes 15,60% Crude fiber / Ruwe celstof / Rohfaser / Cellulose Brutes 4,26% Sodium / Natrium / Natrium / Sodium 0,29% Moisture / Vocht / Feuchtigkeit / Humidite 9,97%

Supplementary animal feed for free-swimming fish. For use as Fishbait only. Product contains Category 3 animal by-products from fish and farmed insects. Not suitable for human consumption. Do not feed to ruminants.

Composition: Maize, breadmeal, biscuitmeal, 10% insect pate (insects (34%), crustaceans and molluscs (20%), bakery products, honey, vegitable protein extracts, oils and fats, sugars, minerals), hemp, milkpowder.

Allergy/Allergen Warning: may contain nuts. Keep cool and dry. Best used before: 2 years after the manufacturing date. Manufactured in the Netherlands NL211366.

Our BugCloud stick mix is neutral and therefore complements our three boilie recipes. To customize it, you can dampen it with our insect liquids, Elixir, and add a bit of our AminoStorm boosters as needed.

BugCloud can also be enhanced with our Wrap coating powder, which is rich not only in insects but also in liver proteins and pre-digested fishmeal.

To tailor it to your fishing and preferences, the addition of pellets, crushed boilies, and other seeds makes it even more effective.


The insects

Our bait signature. Just like in our boilies and our other boosters, our BugCloud Stick-mix contains the best insect paste on the market, with over 50% insects and invertebrates such as daphnia and gammarus. This insect bird food enriched with vitamins and minerals is made on a base of biscuits, honey, and plant proteins. Very rich in nutrients, it provides instant attraction and gives this stick-mix a unique composition that gives you a definite advantage in the toughest fishing situations.


A proven base

An effective stick-mix is primarily built around a set of high-quality raw materials. The foundation of our stick-mix is proven and is made from cornmeal, bread flour, and biscuit flour. This solid base is highly effective and provides a quality platform for our supplementary ingredients.


Popcorn Flour and Milk Powder

To create a clouding and effervescent effect, we've added milk powder and popcorn flour. The first allows for diffusion in all directions and a "cloudy" effect that will attract fish from afar. The second provides a bubbling "up and down" effect to our stick-mix and piques the curiosity of even the most discerning carp.


Hemp Seeds

To provide even more texture and enhance the nutritional aspect, we've added hemp seeds in addition to insects. This seed, undoubtedly one of the most effective for carp fishing, ensures that our stick-mix will attract carp to the precise spot of your baiting.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

What sets our stick-mix apart from others on the market is the presence of our insect paste. Enriched with insects and small crustaceans, our stick-mix is full of nutrients and food signals that will pique the interest of carp in all fishing setups. Additionally, this paste is generously flavored with honey, vitamins, and lipids, making it even more attractive.

As the name suggests, our stick-mix has been meticulously tested and perfected to produce a powerful clouding effect capable of piquing the curiosity of carp. Its structure and composition enable it to work effectively in all layers of water, both horizontally and vertically.

Our BugCloud Stick-mix is composed of millions of particles that will instantly trigger activity around your rig. This agitation will, in turn, stimulate the curiosity of carp as they discover numerous attractants and highly nutritious ingredients within it.

Our stick-mix can be used in all fishing situations. However, we find it particularly effective during rapid spot fishing, regardless of the time of year. That said, its usefulness is even more significant in winter when baiting needs to be precise and highly attractive to stimulate carp to come out of their lethargy.

We have chosen to create a unique stick-mix recipe that can adapt to all Insect-ß boilies. To do this, simply moisten the stick-mix with one of our three Elixir insect liquids. This clever and cost-effective innovation allows you to always have a suitable stick, regardless of your choice of boilies.

Furthermore, our BugCloud is a concentration of attractiveness, rich in vitamins, sugar, and amino acids. Therefore, you don't need to use large quantities of it. A compact stick of about 6 to 8 cm is more than enough to achieve the desired effect.

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