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We are bait designers, which means we specialize in designing and developing recipes and products. We believe that this is where we add the most value and can stand out. The production of baits is entrusted to professionals who possess the expertise and the most sophisticated machinery. This ensures highly controlled processes and flawless results. Furthermore, outsourcing production to other specialists allows us to exchange ideas and continually improve our formulas.

rod oliver collaborates with a carefully selected range of partners and suppliers based on one singular criterion: expertise. Indeed, for each of our products, ingredients, and manufacturing processes, we choose companies that best align with our specifications. We do not have geographic, size, reputation, or cost-related criteria; only impeccable quality takes precedence. We work with both independent artisans and leading European companies, whether they are newcomers or have decades of experience. Our suppliers come from various countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Belgium.

Yes, of course. When we choose our suppliers and partners, we have zero tolerance for non-compliance with sanitary standards. We exclusively collaborate with companies that are duly accredited. These standards ensure impeccable quality for our customers while preserving our environment.

rod oliver products result from meticulous development using the finest ingredients, ensuring our customers receive superior-quality baits. For this reason, we do not offer sales or other promotions. Our business policy remains consistent throughout the year, respecting our work, that of our business partners and suppliers, while maintaining fairness to our customers.

Initially, we will launch sales exclusively online through our website. Then, in the coming months, we will assess the possibility of expanding this distribution strategy. During the first phase, we will begin offering our products for sale in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Shipping of orders

We ship orders to your home or to pick-up points based on your choice. Packages are typically dispatched within 48 hours.

We offer a fixed package that includes delivery and order preparation fees. This package is the same regardless of the order amount, but for orders exceeding 149 EUR, the package is complimentary.

Product Returns

To learn more about product returns, please read our return policy on the following page: https://www.rodoliver.com/policies/refund-policy