AminoStorm™ BloodLiver
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AminoStorm™ BloodLiver

AminoStorm™ BloodLiver

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AminoStorm BloodLiver

Our booster creates a true storm of amino acids in the immediate vicinity of your rig for instant attraction. Amino acids are undoubtedly the biological signature most easily recognized by a carp that is in a feeding phase.

Based on this observation, we've developed a booster enriched with aminol that acts as a true carp magnet. We've added fluorescein to enhance the visual aspect, which can often unlock a challenging fishing situation.

Our AminoStorm BloodLiver is rich in liver aroma to reinforce the attraction signals of our Insect-ß BloodLiver boilies.

It can be used, notably, as a "coating" with our wrap coating powder, as a glaze, and directly in a PVA bag before casting.

Product for enhancing artificial bait, not suitable for use in food products. This product contains category 3 products. Not intended for human or animal consumption; do not feed ruminants. Additives: Premixture of aromatic substances (0.5% bloodworm flavor, 0.5% liver flavor).

Our AminoStorm booster is ideal for marking the bottom. Its density ensures that the trailing cloud stays on the substrate, where carp feed. It does not create a fluorescein cloud but remains well on the bottom, even in rivers.

You can let your hook and PVA bag boilies soak for several days so that they absorb thoroughly. It is also recommended to use AminoStorm with our Wrap powder for coating.

Finally, when used with our Stick-mix, AminoStorm adds an undeniable supplement of attractiveness.



Trimoline is a mixture of glucose and fructose obtained by the hydrolysis of sucrose. It's a transparent, slightly yellow, and viscous syrup with a strong sweetening power. It serves as an excellent base for our AminoStorm booster because even when used on its own without any other attractants, it is highly favored by carp.



Aminol, obtained from marine extracts, is a concentrated source of completely soluble amino acids and proteins. Rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, it is highly digestible. Aminol has an immediate effect and is a potent appetite stimulant, acting as a true carp magnet, and you'll find it in all our AminoStorm boosters.



This well-known product among carp anglers, since the invention of GOO, allows for the creation of a visual halo in the water. This can unlock challenging situations and pique the curiosity of a carp that may be unresponsive to other signals.

In our AminoStorm, it's primarily trimoline, aminol (amino acids), and aroma that create intense feeding stimulation, with fluorescein added to make it one of the most effective boosters in its category.


Liver aroma

Our liver aroma strongly marks the AminoStorm so that it can perfectly complement baiting and fishing with Insect-ß BloodLiver boilies.

The effectiveness of a well-crafted aroma is well-established, and this one significantly enhances the attraction signals of our booster.

Frequently Asked Questions about the product

What sets AminoStorm apart from other fluorescein-based boosters is its composition rich in specific amino acids, which gives this product exceptional appeal to fish. Amino acids have the ability to attract fish due to their olfactory and gustatory power, making it a highly effective bait.

You can make the most of our AminoStorm BloodLiver in various ways. The recommended method is to soak your hook baits in this booster for at least 24 hours. This technique will create a lingering halo around the bait, enhancing its appeal. With its liver aroma, this AminoStorm pairs harmoniously with our Insect-BloodLiver, but it's equally effective at boosting the attraction of other liver boilies you typically use.

Indeed, thanks to fluorescein, our booster creates a visual halo at the bottom of the water. It's essential to note that it's the amino acids present in abundance in our AminoStorm that produce the most significant attractive effect. The visual aspect is an additional advantage that can sometimes make the difference in delicate fishing situations.

Our AminoStorm boosters are effective year-round, but their utility becomes even more pronounced during the winter season, especially when fishing in limited baiting situations using PVA bags and sticks.

Absolutely, it's fully compatible with PVA. In fact, we highly recommend incorporating a small amount of this booster into your PVA bag or applying it to your sticks before casting your line. This usage method has proven to be highly effective.

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