rod oliver

A Story, A Name, A Brand

In 1982, the first fishing experiences...

A passion that took root from my earliest childhood! As far back as my memories go, fishing has always been a part of my life. I came across this photo of me holding my very first fishing rod; I was barely two years old...

1994, first carps...

From a very young age, I developed an interest in carp fishing. Back then, encountering a carp angler along the banks was a rare occurrence. Each encounter was an opportunity to dream in front of their somewhat "extraterrestrial" gear and these fish of extraordinary proportions.

2021, the initial ideas...

After 25 years of carp fishing, during which I closely observed the evolution of techniques used by carp anglers, the initial ideas for creating a new generation of insect-based boilies are slowly beginning to take shape.

2022/2023, Birth of ROD OLIVER...

In 2022, the year was dedicated to the research and development of initial concepts and prototypes. We traveled across Europe to meet with industry experts, top carp anglers, and numerous suppliers with the aim of selecting our first partners for the creation of the ROD OLIVER brand.

In 2023, we initiated large-scale production for intensive testing. The final phases of these trials confirmed that we had an exceptional product in our hands. The fish responded spectacularly, regardless of the types of water, marking the beginning of our exciting journey.

Where does the name ROD OLIVER come from?

When founding my company, I wanted to give it a name infused with emotion. The inspiration struck when I gifted my 4-year-old son, named Oliver, his first fishing rod. Combining the word "rod" with his name created a deep connection for me. For a passionate fishing father, there's nothing more emotional than giving their child their first fishing rod.

Since our company had European ambitions and my family operated in a highly international environment, I chose to use the English term "ROD" to refer to the fishing rod. The literal translation of "la canne d'Oliver" would have been "Oliver's rod." However, I decided to bring this idea to life by creating a fictional character. And thus, "ROD OLIVER" was born.

30 years of passion.

Our brand is driven by the ambition to meet the evolving needs of the most discerning carp anglers who are dedicated to technical fishing. With nearly 30 years of experience in carp fishing, we have been privileged witnesses to the evolution of this discipline. Throughout these years, our dedication has been focused on researching and developing unique and effective bait formulations.

The modern carp angler is mobile and seeks lighter, more precise, and instantly attractive baiting solutions using high-quality baits. That's why we have crafted a comprehensive range of technical products and baits to address the requirements of these contemporary anglers who encounter diverse fishing situations. From the smallest pond to the largest untamed river, we assist carp anglers in enhancing the appeal of their fishing spots.

We offer a range of boilies made from insect proteins, which are not only immediately recognized by carp as a natural food source but are also less harmful to the environment. Going a step further, we provide boosters and natural liquids also formulated with insects, allowing carp anglers to engage in technical fishing and tackle even the most complex fishing scenarios.

We firmly believe in innovation and are continually exploring new possibilities while maintaining quality and effectiveness as our guiding principles. Regardless of the fishing situation you face, we have the right bait for you.

Our archetype

We are creators

We find as much joy in the process of creating bait as in the final result. We love to innovate continually, try frequently, sometimes fail, and start over each day to achieve what has never been done. Our passion guides us in realizing our vision.

Our values accompany us at every moment


We constantly examine our ideas and products to ensure they meet the needs of our customers. We cater to experienced carp anglers who engage in complex fishing scenarios where adaptability is a constant necessity.


Efficiency is the cornerstone of our baits. Our primary commitment is to continually seek this efficiency. We tirelessly work on improving our formulations and ingredients so that every carp angler can fish with confidence and success.


We continuously progress by challenging our ideas with the expertise of the best professionals at every stage of the design and manufacturing of our products, with the goal of constantly challenging the status quo.


Fishing is not an exact science, and sometimes, things don't go as planned. This spirit of humility prevents us from taking a situation for granted and reminds us that a boilie can always be improved.


Research and development are at the core of our brand, and innovation is our reason for existence. Our products are developed in collaboration with the top European experts and leave no room for chance.


It is our passion for carp fishing that drives us at every moment to offer the best ingredients and products. As passionate carp anglers ourselves, we understand the exact concerns of our customers.