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We firmly believes that enhancing your carp fishing skills starts with knowledge. If you're enthusiastic about becoming a contributor and assisting fellow carp anglers in their progression, feel free to reach out to us for a discussion!

How can I contribute?

You need to send us, at (with 'Catch Report' in the subject line), at least one photo of your carp along with the following information:

- Your first and last name
- Date and location of the catch
- Rod Oliver boilies, boosters, and baits used

You need to send us your catch report to (with 'In Session' in the subject line). Your report should be comprehensive and detailed, with a minimum of 2,000 words. The article must include photos and/or videos and can be written in either French or English.

To become an author for our blog, please contact us.

1. You must have conducted your fishing using our products.

2. Your videos, photos, and narrative must adhere to our Charter and technical specifications.

Our charter allows us to maintain content quality. It ensures our readers get engaging articles, well-written texts, and visuals that highlight our passion for carp fishing.

1. All contributions must be written with precision and authenticity. We have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, and every submission will be systematically checked.

2. Each contribution must be accompanied by illustrations in the form of photos and/or videos.

3. Absolute respect for the fish is paramount. Photos should be taken on a clean landing mat or directly in the water. Handling of the fish must be done with care under all circumstances.

4. Tobacco, drugs, or alcohol must not appear in the photos and videos.

5. Contributors must wear appropriate and decent attire at all times. Nudity and bare torsos are not accepted in photos and videos.

6. Fishing spots in photos and videos must be clean and tidy.

7. No familiar, coarse, or disrespectful language will be tolerated in videos and written content.

8. Only products from the Rod Oliver brand can be visible in the content.

We encourage all our contributors to strictly adhere to this Charter to maintain high-quality standards for our blog. Any violation of these guidelines will result in the rejection of the content.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in creating an enriching experience for our community.

1. Once we receive the narrative, photos, and videos, we conduct a thorough review. Documents that do not adhere to our charter are automatically rejected for publication.

2. If the contribution is accepted, we perform spelling and grammatical corrections, if despite your vigilance, any errors are detected.

3. Photos may be edited by us to meet our quality standards. Videos can be modified and refined to achieve the same objectives.

4. If the text, photos, and videos have been modified by us, we will send you the final version for your approval for publication.

5. Upon receiving your confirmation, your contribution will be published on our website's blog. If applicable, it may also be posted on our social media pages and YouTube channel.

6. Upon publication, your contribution, including the text, photos, and videos, becomes the exclusive property of rod oliver S.à.r.l, and you automatically relinquish all copyrights and image rights to the company.

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